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The AEPlans Internet Download Manager (IDM) works directly with AEPlans to help you manage the process of downloading your selected documents and automatically organize your project.
The AEPlans Internet Download Manager is installed at the same time that you install the MaxView MaxReader.
Both applications are FREE and work together to improve your experience with this website and to aid you in viewing project information off-line.
When accessing project information on AEPlans, the user is able to preview plan documents to determine which plan documents are to be selected for download to their system. For specifications, AEPlans presents a list of sections that are available to be selected for download (no previews of specifications are provided).

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    eduj 6 months ago

    I'm so sad, but this is good. Please improve.

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    Guest Last year

    IDM doesn't download NETFLIX. It is very fast and good for Youtube.


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